Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kiss the year goodbye

 I can absolutely NOT believe this year would by so stinkin' fast.  I'm just going to make this post simple, but sweet. So, here it goes... I went to Tennessee over this week :)  It was looovely. So, I was bored at the motel and decided to show you one of my outfits.

UPDATE... I now have thirty followers!!
Thank you all so SO much. I love each and everyone of you so much! 


Tights - JCPenneys, Shirt - Sam's club, Vest - Goodwill, Boots - Walmart, Purse - Gift, Scarf - Gift, Skirt - Ebay.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Peppermint winter

Hi fabulous people,
I have a tendency of finding it sad how fast my whole family is growing up. I mean, we used to have a TON of Christmas presents around the tree, and this year it wasn't really that many. Luckily, once the older ones keep getting older, and get married, there will be more kids. Yeah, I really am excited about that. ANYWAYS... this year was preeeetty good. I kind of wish it wouldn't have went so fast though. Funny thing this year... wellllll, every year, my uncle does something mean to me with my present (like two years ago he wrapped it up within like ten boxes and ten packages and ten envelopes, last year he got me shoes and put them in a plastic bag and wrapped it in duct tape) So this year I had a box, wrapped it in duct tape, then had him open it, then inside the box was another box with duct tape also, inside that box was onions and a note that said "Sorry, wrong one. Go to bottom." and then on the very bottom, was duct tape, in a zip lock baggy there was twenty five dollars. This year he just got a big bucket of water with a brick on it, and hoping it would freeze, he put a little thing on the bottom, and I had to get it to. It was reeeeally easy.) Did I mention my handsSTILL smell like onions?! They do. I can't get the smell to go away and i'm not putting them in tomato juice. So, pleeeeease if you have any ideas of how to get rid of the smell, please help me.

Well, anyways, here is what I got... (p.s. please excuse the terrible lighting in the pictures. it was in my computer room, and it stinks terribly.)

First picture - Belt from friend.

Second picture - Notebook from friend.

Third picture - Every scarf I got. From my grandma (all the colorful ones) Then the black, grey, and white one (from my aunt&uncle&cousins)

Fourth picture - Hair clip (there were two of them) from friend.

Not shown - Forever21 gift card (from brother), walmart gift card (from grandparents), Leg warmers and tights (parents), two cardigans (parents), shirt (parents), money (uncle, grandparents), pajamas (parents), lip gloss (parents), sweater (parents), dvds (parents).

I know, my Christmas didn't consist of a lot of things. Buuuut, the forever21 $50 dollar gift card made me happy! ;) i'll have to definitely post pictures of what I get from there. Annnnnd, i'm so sorry this post is so long. If you actually took the time to read this, you've made me extremely happy. Oh, and i'll be leaving for Tennessee tomorrow! :) I'm super excited.  I've going through my clothes like "Oh man, I reeeally need to find something to wear." Cute, but comfortable. It seems like those two can't even go together anymore.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's about Christmas...

Last night was kind of a boring night and when i'm bored I like to do things. I decided I wanted to wrap presents! I ran downstairs to do so, and then my brother came down eagerly to ask me to wrap two of his presents for mom and dad. I agreed, being the sweet sister I am, and went along with it. I finally finished. 

Today, I was bored again... and my mom mentioned that her presents to everyone needed wrapped. I thought it would be a great time to get un-bored again. I started going downstairs to wrap more presents. There were a lot, but it didn't reeeally look like a bunch so I figured, oh well who cares. There isn't a lot anyways. And continued. (Somehow when I start getting un-bored like wrapping presents half my friends want to talk to me all at the same time. Go figure.) I continued wrapping, and wrapping, annnnd wrapping. Until my feet hurt and I didn't know why. Come to find out, I had been wrapping presents for four hours. Yeah, that explains a lot. Like, why i'm so tired. I'm still not done, and I decided I would take a break so I could get on here and blog about it. You know you're excited. Haha, no just kidding. 

BESIDES THAT... Christmas is coming up reeeally fast. The only person it's not going fast to... is my mom. I don't understand. ha! I did actually wrap my own presents tonight. Yes, really and truly. I promised my mom I wouldn't look inside the box. Annnnd, I didn't. I'm proud of myself. Hahah. 

ANYWAYS, I want to know how your Christmas wrapping/shopping has went. Did you look for things ON SALE? Spend lots of money? Buy small gifts? Share it with me! :) 


Friday, December 17, 2010

In the bleak midwinter

This outfit wasn't the best i've ever picked but it's better than nothing right? :) Life has been pretty hectic with Christmas coming up. I can't believe it's next week. It came sort of too fast for me. I think I need an extra week or so.  

It was twenty degrees outside. Lovely. Not. You'll notice the snow in my hair. I'm a spring person. So, when spring comes i'm a happy camper. But who would want Christmas in the spring?! Not me.

I finished signing my families name on the Christmas cards and then today I did some of my own. I sent some Christmas cards to my online friends and they live in different places so hopefully they will get them before Christmas! 

I have 20+ followers. (23 to be exact) & I am so excited! I woooould like at least 30 before the  new year. (hint hint wink wink) 


Scarf - moms closet.
sweater - moms closet.
plaid shirt - christopher banks.
jean skirt - ebay.
headband - forever21
hair clip used as pin - forever21.
purse  - jcpenneys.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I only have two things to share...

The second video has got to be my favorite FOREVER. Watch it and comment!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Sorry for the disappointment but I don't have an outfit to show you yet. I've got to get in the moood and lately I just haven't. Anyways, with the holidays coming up, I figured you might like to share what you will be doing. 

I've gotten twenty followers which makes me extremely happy. If you haven't followed me yet... do so!

I thought I would share my main two inspirations of bloggers...

Kenzie faith - She is so fascinating to me. I've seen her at church camp many times, but I never got the guts to go over and say 'Hi, we're friends from facebook!' You get the idea. She is what mainly started me to get blogging about fashion. I started lurking her blog as soon as she started it and I haven't stopped yet (not to seem creeper-ish). I've gotten many outfit ideas from her, and I truly think she is fabulous in her own little way. I've tried so hard not to copy her ideas but it can be hard sometimes! Thanks, Kenzie :) 

Elanor - She has her own little fashion. Which makes it just lovely. Sometimes I just stare at her outfits and think... I could never do that. I found her blog from Kenzie faith's blog when she was doing the guest blog for her. She's mainly taught me that not everything has to match and it still looks adorable! 

What they've brought into my fashion...
Colorful and design tights.
Not everything has to match.
Exactly how to get followers.
And lots more. 

Thanks girls, you truly are amazing :) 


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh, you're fabulous

Hi lovelies!
Can you believe Christmas is coming up so fast? Pshh, I can't. 

Snow was finally on the ground so I really wanted some pictures. But of course, by the time I got out there it was almost all melted. Disappointment. 

This whole outfit was almost thrifted.
Jean skirt - Thrifted.
Scarf - Clairs.
Vest - Thrifted.
Shirt - Thrifted.
Shoes - Steve Madden.
Headband - Clairs.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Update: Hey there, just letting you know that hopefully by tomorrow I will post some other outfits. My computer plug got a short in it so my dad will have to fix that later tonight hopefully. I did take pictures today of one of simple outfits so hopefully I can get those edited by tomorrow. Todays photoshoot was interesting. My friend went to take pictures of me and we were out there for awhile and then we went out front and the dog that lives across from us got loose and jumped on us. The dog was nice but I hate it when that happens! Anyways, hope everyone is doing great. I'm going through other people's blogs all the time!

P.s. check out Kenziefaith's giveaway on her blog! Super cute! 

Ciao! Xo

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baaaby it's cold outside.

My nose turned red after I was out there for like fifteen minutes. Else, there would have been more pictures. You understand. I was hoping it would snow last night so I could have snow for my pictures, but it didn't. Highly disappointed. 

Zebra sweater {mom's closet}. I pretty much took over this sweater. She got it for her Birthday in April and she wouldn't let me wear it. Finally I begged long enough she let me.  It's still in my closet. & I love it so much. 
Red Scarf {Christopher Banks}. I never wore this scarf for like 6 months straight. I never thought it went with any  of my outfits. UNTIL I started going through other girl's blogs and realized that not everything has to match perfectly. 
Tan skirt {???}. You'll laugh, but i've had this skirt over three years. It's been too long, too big, too small, and now it's perfect. I'm not much into 'long skirts' so I try to get them like either at my knee or mid-knee. 
Grey Coat {Thirfted}  Again, this is my moms. But she has another coat so I decided I was going to wear this coat until she wanted it back, and then I would take her other coat. Hah.
Black tank top that you can't really see {Gabriel Brothers} I wear this tank top way too much. I usually wear it with a jean skirt  and some kind of sweater. 

My mom and dad left today to go eat with some people and then they were going to go buy me Christmas presents. She asked me if I wanted to go {of course if I did then I wouldn't have  gotten presents then} so I said no. I already know i'm getting leg-warmers, red tights, and purple tights. {Because I picked them out...} and I have to go to the store and buy boots. I have exactly the kind I want in my mind. I've seen them in other places. Grey. Flats. The end. I want those like that. So bad. Pray I can find some before Christmas! 

Happy Winter! 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let the snow fall...

I've decided I am ready for snow. Snow. Snow. Snow! It snowed today, can you tell? :) Anyways...simple outfit here. 
White skirt i've had for over a year. {Christopher Banks}
Jacket is my friends that i'm on the verge of taking over. ;) 
Yellow tanktop which you really can't see. {Christopher Banks} 
Pink scarf. Gotta loves scarfs, right? Especially in the winter. {Walmart}
And of course, my cat. The sweetest thing you'll ever find. Boots. {We got him from a farmer}
This whole outfit I never did wear together, I was just bored and putting outfits together. This picture was taken maybe around a month ago or two. ;)
& then of  course my new phone came today. Might I add I was super excited. 

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