Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You may call it smiling...

 Christmas is almost here and i'm almost done with Christmas shopping. What could be better, I mean seriously? 
So, um yeah I know I don't blog as much anymore. Shoot me now. It'll be okay though because i'm going to 'try' to start again. Things get busy. 

So, eh, here's the outfit I wore Sunday night. Good lord it got hot after like 30 minutes after the service. I lived though. 

The jacket I promise i've had for over two years. I only wear in the winter. The black long sleeved shirt i've had for a year and the grey skirt has been passed down from two other people in my house down to me. It's one of those skirts that if you have nothing else to wear... you wear that skirt. It's so simple to find things to go with it. 

Interruption.. the phone you see there will no longer be mine as of Wednesday December 1. Yes fokes, you heard right. & I will be getting the blackberry curve. Who could ask for more? :) Anyways, my dad will be having control over my enV3. He's pretty excited I might add ;)

As for my hair, that was a different story. I wanted to go online and talk to my friends that I said brb to before I had to leave so I hurried up and did it. Turned alright I suppose. I wanted something simple but just lovely and curly. 

Random thing i've been doing...

Following people I don't know, but loving their blog. 
Bear with me as I continue to design my blog.

Oh, and if you aren't following me... be sure to. ;)

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