Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trust me...I have a reason.

Last blog post I talked about how sorry I was and I was just taking a break from blogging. So, after all that happened I was still busy and I ended up starting to go to a public school so my life was busy busy busy. THEN, I got sick. And I didn't feel like doing a blog post AND I didn't look very well. So, starting Monday, i'm going to TRY to start writing more. I'm still sick, coughing with a stuffy nose, and I wish it would LEAVE. I did get the iPhone after returning my blackberry and I LOVE it. So, no complaints. I had to get a case for it because I felt like it was just going to slide out of my hands it was so smooth. 

I hope you'll all forgive me and I have been going to and looking at everyone else's blogs! I love them all. 

School has been pretty good. I am doing choir, percussion, algebra, english, science, and of course lunch. My lunch is at 10:30am which I was NOT fond of at first...I finally got used to it. 
Percussion was just like drums...and lately we've been doing some like chimes. Which as been pretty good.
Choir has been amazing. But being sick, I couldn't sing soprano. But, we've been doing dance in there for a production we are doing in April. It's went really well.
Algebra has been kind of hard but easy at the same time. It's my last class in the day because I only go half a day. (After 4th period) next year i'll have to go the WHOLE day. Blah! :(
English is my hardest class. It's honor English so I have to work harder in that class. And it's my only class that I have homework in. Weird, huh?
Science is my first period class and everyone in there is SOOO loud. Going from the DVD's in Abeka homeschooling, where no one makes a SOUND while doing like WHEW. 

So, that's my school day. I must say, I like it bunches. Did you hear about the Egyptian guy who names his kid Facebook? Isn't that just weird?! I told my facebook friends about it...

Oh too funny. Well, that's all I have for today! Love you all! :)