Thursday, September 23, 2010

Have you watched...

America’s Got Talent? I have been, and I love it. I missed a lot of it because I started late and it took me awhile to get interested in it again. So, now I am watching it on HULU. Okay, so Michael Grimm won this season, and personally I thought he was good but I just didn’t think he was better than that little girl who sings AMAZINGLY. I watched it last year, and it went well. I didn’t agree with last year, Kevin Skinner. I wasn’t too crazy about him… I would much have rather had that opera lady win.  Anyways, I love it.
After I completely finish this season with America’s Got Talent, I am going to start watching Dancing With the Stars. I’ve never really watched the seasons of it. I have watched a few of them on TV at a hotel. But I don’t have a TV with Cable. Just a TV with a dvd and vcr player.
Anyways, what do you think about America’s got talent and Dancing with the stars?

Friday, September 10, 2010


i recently came back from getting my new glasses. & we were just walking until i saw a very elderly lady's house who i used to visit all the time. well, things got busy and of course my brother& i just stopped going as much. i then decided that misty (a girl who is living with us) & i should go visit her and it would make her day. so we went ahead and stopped by. she was super sweet. she is 87 years old and just talks so much it's hard to even leave. but i love it. 
anyways, so we decided it was about time to go, and she said she had a christmas gift from last year. she went on explaining that she waited for us last year to come and see her and she had money for us. i felt... terrible. she had wanted to see us, and now we just randomly showed up, she loved it. i texted my brother and told him that she had money for him and that she wanted to see him. he went on explaining that he was too busy and she just talks a lot and i told him that she had money for him and that she missed him. he went on to explain that he had been a jerk and that he would stop by and see her. so tonight after he gets back from work he is going to be seeing her. i'm so glad. i felt terrible about her not seeing him for a long time. she is the sweetest thing ever.  they have lived and learned, and been through so much more than us. they know what to say and what to do. they aren't afraid to to die, and aren't afraid to say what they think. 

The Lovely Twelve Things.

1. My family
2. Fashion
3. Singing, writing songs, and playing the piano.
4. My fabulous grandparents
5. Listening to music
6. Taking pictures of anything and everything
7. being with my friends
8. Blogging
9. God
10. Going out of state
11. Writing in a notebook my thoughts
12. Meeting new people that I never knew would be a big influence on my life