Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ah major slacker

First off, let me tell you HOW sorry I am about not writing another blog post. Ah, I could just die. I got totally out of the blogging mood. "That means you're not a true blogger." Whatever. I don't care. :) So, here I am! Back for your entertainment. I have gotten on blogger and lurked a little bit. I'm so not in the typing mood right now...so this will be short. :/ so sorry. The reason I haven't been blogging. Well, like I said... I got out of it and didn't want to. Every time I would get ready to take pictures something would come up. I had to find an outfit. AND I have to edit the pictures. So, it takes time. But, I am willing to give up my time right now FOR YOU! :) Once I reach 50 followers, I will be having a giveaway! I'm so excited. Which is one of the reasons I got back on here, because YOU CAN'T HAVE A GIVEAWAY IF YOU DON'T BLOG. You can quote me on that. Buuuuut, anyways. I am here now and ready to blog again! 

Oh and while talking about giveaways... GO CHECK OUT http://prettylifeanonymous.blogspot.com/2011/01/this-one-is-about-ruffles-and-collages.html

My mom and friend left today to go somewhere and I got this brilliant idea that I would take pictures real fast. ALL...BY...MYSELF. It's never happened before, but it did today. So, don't judge the way my pictures look because I was in a hurry and missed blogging. 

Alright, so here's what i'm wearing. 
You can never have enough sweaters. Even black ones. The one i'm wearing is a Calvin Klein sweater originally $80, but lucked out in getting it for $15.
Pink tank tops. Gotta love any kind of tank top. They are so simple. I got this one at a cheaper store while I was in a different city. I have a black one too and don't regret getting them at all.
Grey eternity scarf! Yay. Gotta love those from walmart and for $3. Miley Cyrus fashion line at walmart FTW. 
Yeah, for the past two posts i've worn this jean skirt. SORRY!!
Black leg warmers. :) So...nice. And warm.
Shoes! Yes. They are in fact...a late Christmas present from my mom. A VERY late Christmas present. She found it in her closet a few days ago and had forgotten about it. Love her much.


  1. welcome back to blogland. your shoes are supper cute!!

  2. Ah, what a nice mom you must have, to buy you those sweet shoes! And the pics look fine, even without your friend helping you! ;-)

  3. I love Miley Cyrus' clothes too...They're super cute. ;)
    Nice shoes. :)
    haha And I also love that you wore leg warmers!

  4. I think we all have the right to take a break, they are our blogs we can post when we like!

    Love the shoes what a cute present!

  5. Hey, i'd like to give you the stylish blog award(:
    follow for more info.
    Nicole xox

  6. love the miley cyrus walmart line!


  7. lovely outfit :)))



  8. Brave move with the legwarmers. You look adorable.

  9. I'm waiting for more posts miss! :-)

  10. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! It means so much to me that people like to support my blog and I :D


  11. Hello again!
    couldn't find an email address here. You won gift two on my giveaway!

    Please send me an email (johanneblog@gmail.com) with your address and I'll send it to you! COngrats!


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