Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baaaby it's cold outside.

My nose turned red after I was out there for like fifteen minutes. Else, there would have been more pictures. You understand. I was hoping it would snow last night so I could have snow for my pictures, but it didn't. Highly disappointed. 

Zebra sweater {mom's closet}. I pretty much took over this sweater. She got it for her Birthday in April and she wouldn't let me wear it. Finally I begged long enough she let me.  It's still in my closet. & I love it so much. 
Red Scarf {Christopher Banks}. I never wore this scarf for like 6 months straight. I never thought it went with any  of my outfits. UNTIL I started going through other girl's blogs and realized that not everything has to match perfectly. 
Tan skirt {???}. You'll laugh, but i've had this skirt over three years. It's been too long, too big, too small, and now it's perfect. I'm not much into 'long skirts' so I try to get them like either at my knee or mid-knee. 
Grey Coat {Thirfted}  Again, this is my moms. But she has another coat so I decided I was going to wear this coat until she wanted it back, and then I would take her other coat. Hah.
Black tank top that you can't really see {Gabriel Brothers} I wear this tank top way too much. I usually wear it with a jean skirt  and some kind of sweater. 

My mom and dad left today to go eat with some people and then they were going to go buy me Christmas presents. She asked me if I wanted to go {of course if I did then I wouldn't have  gotten presents then} so I said no. I already know i'm getting leg-warmers, red tights, and purple tights. {Because I picked them out...} and I have to go to the store and buy boots. I have exactly the kind I want in my mind. I've seen them in other places. Grey. Flats. The end. I want those like that. So bad. Pray I can find some before Christmas! 

Happy Winter! 


  1. You are gorgeous!! and i love your clothes! (:


  2. Right now I am obsesseddd with scarfs. I must have about 10 of them, all different colors of plaid. They just complete the looks when they match a jacket, I'm in love.

    I like how you picked out leg-warmers. I always wanted to try that look, but I was afraid that they wouldn't look right. So you've given me the go-ahead.

    Cute blog, following you!

  3. You look so gorgeous in those pictures, Melinda! I love them. ^_^

    Haha, that's totally funny! I don't like to wear other people's clothes. I have a particular style of my own. It's usually my mom who comes to wear my clothes, claiming they were her's. LOL

    Btw, I can't send you a message on HSB cuz it's down. =/ I really wanna talk to you, dang it! XD


  4. Hey Melinda! :)
    Lookin' good girly-o! XD I absolutely LOVE your hair!! haha I'm gonna grow mine out, long hair is just so beautiful! LOL
    HSB is down. :( Oh well though, these days I think I'm only gonna be on there to blog. Anything else seems to get me in trouble. ha Anyways, gorgeous post, gorgeous out-fits, gorgeous gal! <3
    ~Rachel Lynn ♥


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