Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Sorry for the disappointment but I don't have an outfit to show you yet. I've got to get in the moood and lately I just haven't. Anyways, with the holidays coming up, I figured you might like to share what you will be doing. 

I've gotten twenty followers which makes me extremely happy. If you haven't followed me yet... do so!

I thought I would share my main two inspirations of bloggers...

Kenzie faith - She is so fascinating to me. I've seen her at church camp many times, but I never got the guts to go over and say 'Hi, we're friends from facebook!' You get the idea. She is what mainly started me to get blogging about fashion. I started lurking her blog as soon as she started it and I haven't stopped yet (not to seem creeper-ish). I've gotten many outfit ideas from her, and I truly think she is fabulous in her own little way. I've tried so hard not to copy her ideas but it can be hard sometimes! Thanks, Kenzie :) 

Elanor - She has her own little fashion. Which makes it just lovely. Sometimes I just stare at her outfits and think... I could never do that. I found her blog from Kenzie faith's blog when she was doing the guest blog for her. She's mainly taught me that not everything has to match and it still looks adorable! 

What they've brought into my fashion...
Colorful and design tights.
Not everything has to match.
Exactly how to get followers.
And lots more. 

Thanks girls, you truly are amazing :) 



  1. aw thanks so much for mentioning me as inspiration! that means so much. :) and i'm so glad that i'm inspiring to you!

    can't wait to see what you come up with for your own outfits!

    xx elanor

  2. Hey, Melinda! That's alright. That just leaves everyone eager to see more, more, more. lol

    I got follower. XD hahaha I don't think people have exactly noticed me yet. But anyways...

    Yeah, that's awesome you have 20, girl!! You are getting popular!! ;) Btw, love the pic! ♥


  3. You are SO so sweet, Melinda! Seriously. I wish you would have said hi to me at church camp! Thank you so much for writing such nice things!! :)

    KF x

  4. *sigh* I guess I have to write back, but I guess I could use the ad space.

    If you loved Melinda's blog, you'll LOVE this- Go to see ya there :)


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