Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's about Christmas...

Last night was kind of a boring night and when i'm bored I like to do things. I decided I wanted to wrap presents! I ran downstairs to do so, and then my brother came down eagerly to ask me to wrap two of his presents for mom and dad. I agreed, being the sweet sister I am, and went along with it. I finally finished. 

Today, I was bored again... and my mom mentioned that her presents to everyone needed wrapped. I thought it would be a great time to get un-bored again. I started going downstairs to wrap more presents. There were a lot, but it didn't reeeally look like a bunch so I figured, oh well who cares. There isn't a lot anyways. And continued. (Somehow when I start getting un-bored like wrapping presents half my friends want to talk to me all at the same time. Go figure.) I continued wrapping, and wrapping, annnnd wrapping. Until my feet hurt and I didn't know why. Come to find out, I had been wrapping presents for four hours. Yeah, that explains a lot. Like, why i'm so tired. I'm still not done, and I decided I would take a break so I could get on here and blog about it. You know you're excited. Haha, no just kidding. 

BESIDES THAT... Christmas is coming up reeeally fast. The only person it's not going fast to... is my mom. I don't understand. ha! I did actually wrap my own presents tonight. Yes, really and truly. I promised my mom I wouldn't look inside the box. Annnnd, I didn't. I'm proud of myself. Hahah. 

ANYWAYS, I want to know how your Christmas wrapping/shopping has went. Did you look for things ON SALE? Spend lots of money? Buy small gifts? Share it with me! :) 



  1. Interesting!! You and me both like to wrap presents early. haha Except, this year, I decided to wait a little longer so the presents I got wouldn't mess up entirely, since my room has very few places to HIDE the presents. lol

    Awesome pics. I always love it when you put the snowflakes. ;) I'm finished with my shopping. Wrapping tomorrow, pretty much it. And yeah, it seems like yesterday when 2010 started! Go figure. haha


  2. I love wrapping presents too. I paced myself this year and did them over a few days.
    Is that your hair in the fist pic? Soooo long!
    Ang xxx

  3. thank you for visiting my blog and following! I'm following back! Your blog is so cute!!


  4. You are too pretty! I LOVE wrapping presents. Seriously. I don't know why! Haha. :)

    KF x

  5. I would be more than happy to follow your blog, dear! Thanks for visiting mine :) See more of you soon, I hope...

    <3 Cambria

  6. aw, i like wrapping presents too :) i got my presents super late this year, because my exams ended so late!


  7. wow crazy you wrapped your own gifts =). Hope you had a great christmas!

  8. Wow your hair is amazing! I wonder how it looks straight!

    xx The Little Dust Princess


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