Sunday, December 26, 2010

Peppermint winter

Hi fabulous people,
I have a tendency of finding it sad how fast my whole family is growing up. I mean, we used to have a TON of Christmas presents around the tree, and this year it wasn't really that many. Luckily, once the older ones keep getting older, and get married, there will be more kids. Yeah, I really am excited about that. ANYWAYS... this year was preeeetty good. I kind of wish it wouldn't have went so fast though. Funny thing this year... wellllll, every year, my uncle does something mean to me with my present (like two years ago he wrapped it up within like ten boxes and ten packages and ten envelopes, last year he got me shoes and put them in a plastic bag and wrapped it in duct tape) So this year I had a box, wrapped it in duct tape, then had him open it, then inside the box was another box with duct tape also, inside that box was onions and a note that said "Sorry, wrong one. Go to bottom." and then on the very bottom, was duct tape, in a zip lock baggy there was twenty five dollars. This year he just got a big bucket of water with a brick on it, and hoping it would freeze, he put a little thing on the bottom, and I had to get it to. It was reeeeally easy.) Did I mention my handsSTILL smell like onions?! They do. I can't get the smell to go away and i'm not putting them in tomato juice. So, pleeeeease if you have any ideas of how to get rid of the smell, please help me.

Well, anyways, here is what I got... (p.s. please excuse the terrible lighting in the pictures. it was in my computer room, and it stinks terribly.)

First picture - Belt from friend.

Second picture - Notebook from friend.

Third picture - Every scarf I got. From my grandma (all the colorful ones) Then the black, grey, and white one (from my aunt&uncle&cousins)

Fourth picture - Hair clip (there were two of them) from friend.

Not shown - Forever21 gift card (from brother), walmart gift card (from grandparents), Leg warmers and tights (parents), two cardigans (parents), shirt (parents), money (uncle, grandparents), pajamas (parents), lip gloss (parents), sweater (parents), dvds (parents).

I know, my Christmas didn't consist of a lot of things. Buuuut, the forever21 $50 dollar gift card made me happy! ;) i'll have to definitely post pictures of what I get from there. Annnnnd, i'm so sorry this post is so long. If you actually took the time to read this, you've made me extremely happy. Oh, and i'll be leaving for Tennessee tomorrow! :) I'm super excited.  I've going through my clothes like "Oh man, I reeeally need to find something to wear." Cute, but comfortable. It seems like those two can't even go together anymore.



  2. Hi MelindaJane! I wanted to tell you that you are the granndd prizzze winner of the Vintage Clutch giveaway on my blog! Email me your address at and I will ship it right out to you!!! Congrats!!!

  3. Hi MelindaJane,
    This is Violet, Dash's sister. Sounds like you had a great christmas. I had a fun one because we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS! The last white xmas in our area was back in the 80's! Also, congrates on winning the givaway! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  4. it's not the amount of gifts but the thoughts behind it that counts :)
    happy holidays dear xox

  5. Very cute belt! :)



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